List of Herbs – an Encyclopedia of Useful Herbs

This A to Z list of herbs highlights more than 170 species of herbs from around the world. Most can be grown outdoors in the United States or, in the case of tropical and subtropical species, indoors in areas where winters are cold. We’ve chosen these herbs based on a variety of criteria — some are familiar essentials for the kitchen or medicine cabinet, others are exotics that, until recently, were not well known.

List of herbs:

This is a list of herbs, ordered alphabetically by common name. The herbal profiles include information about each plant’s origin, name derivation, lore, and significant properties, as well as tips for growing and using it. Many of these plants have a long history of traditional medicinal use, and some of those traditional uses are now finding scientific support through rigorous clinical studies.

Globally, for nearly every traditional culture, herbs have not only helped fulfill basic human needs for survival, but also, in many cases, helped link humankind to the natural world and to the divine.

As the world becomes more cosmopolitan, more and more of these unusual herbs have begun appearing in our markets. They offer interesting new flavors and healing properties, as well as other uses. Some can be found in specialty produce markets, others are sold in health food stores as commercial preparations, and many can be ordered as seeds or plants to grow and enjoy in your garden.